Saturday, January 23, 2016

Old Business

Snowtorious B.I.G. is upon a lot of us here in the Mid-Atlantic. Many of us are snowed in, as a result the weird alternate universe where I'd written more reviews than Riki this year has come to an end.

"I'm snowed in and catching up on old business."

In addition to watching my short lived lead be incinerated, it got me thinking. Feedback doesn't have an expiration date. Life happens, things can end up on hold, but it doesn't make it too late to write the review.

Anyone else here sitting on that review they haven't quite finished? Or procrastinating on another? Dig out those notes! Cite those examples! Get it written!

Additionally, our first PPTQ Season of 2016 starts tomorrow (today technically I guess) and those of us working these events with other judges are presented with an excellent chance to provide some quality feedback. Even though these events are smaller they can be an excellent place to make sure newer judges are learning things like Sealed Deck procedure, deck checks, and possibly even interacting with Wizards Event Reporter. And due to the smaller size we really have a chance to shadow our floor judges and talk to them about their calls throughout the day.

Richmond is snowed out tomorrow (and probably our Sunday sealed as well) so we're going to have to wait til next week but I hope everyone who is judging this weekend has a good show and has a chance to write a review they are happy to submit.

So for funsies, I thought I would include my notes from SCG Charlotte *mostly* unedited. These helped me sculpt my reviews from the event:

SCG Charlotte


Judge A - ??
Judge B- reviews.
Judge C - learn network have fun. Good ethic. Hustle. Aggressive with slips. Excellent rules knowledge. Kolaghan's command scenario. Don't have to be the hero judge. Self care. Link article

9 rounds.
Table numbers
Match results slip

Round 2 - Full
Round 6 - Half
Sides Judge A 3 Judge B 4 Judge B 5 help sides with breaks.


Wild Defiance + Spellskite. Trigger resolves?
Melira, activate inkmonth nexus, block. Damage?
3 +7

No clipboard. Solutions? Extension sheet. Zone assignment. Track and record. Log extensions 5+ minutes

R2 break

Pairings issues. Cascading repair.
108 +3
28 +3
307 +10
116 +8
97 +12

Anger of the Gods, Spider Umbra - multiple replacement

Player A. Watch Face during shuffling. Side of deck. Purple sleeves. If player drops inform Sabin. Table 110. Eyes down mash shuffle. Right side of deck up. Left side of deck toward him while playing. Not figedty during match. Died stuck on lands game 2

Lost Judge A to sides. Round 4. A adapts. Flexibility. Positivity.

56 +5 "Player A again. Went over time r3
92 +3
151 +4
128 +2
194 +2
95 +5

Get Judge C back on clock start.

Judge B to sides r5

Start 7 short brief from Sabin

Two cascading repairs. Tardy, we issue game losses, not wins.
274 +11
284 +13
73 +15

Everyone shifted into empty areas without delegation. Awesome.

Serum visions scry 3 dec fix. Judge C appeal. Shake it off. Correct infraction incorrect fix.

63 +15

Player B serum visions scry. Eyes.

26 +4
44 +12 (gl)

Kolaghan's Command. Both shatter and shock target Frogmite. Regenerate with Welding Jar. What happens. Why?

Dromoka's Command vs Skullcrack

Are judges asking the right questions?

Sunday Legacy
Matt Karr

Matt edb r3
Brogan Jonathan r4
Ryan Dan r5

Pairings. Slips. Clock. Start and count up. Floor. End of round. Clipboard?
Too fluid. Needed more of a plan

109 +10
116 +7
117 +5
127 +3
144 +4

MTR 4.2 - stop trying to get an edge that isn't there.

133 +11
"Player B" 2 grvs time spiral. Stone forge mystic.

138 +4
Many missing decks. :/

115 +8
Life totals. Confirm them. You CAN pay life to 0

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